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Dental Services in Jacksonville, TX

Dental Solutions of East Texas Caters to Your Family’s Every Dental Need!

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The American Dental Association recommends that you attend regular general dentistry checkups twice a year. During routine visits, Dr. Lamond will examine your teeth for any areas of decay and respond when necessary. Our Jacksonville, Texas practice provides dental services to preserve the oral health of your entire household.

We are a certified ClearCorrect provider. Patients who want to fix the alignment of their teeth and drastically upgrade their oral health without the hassle of traditional metal braces can speak to the Dental Solutions of East Texas team about our ClearCorrect services

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Dental Solutions of East Texas also provides restorative dentistry services. If you need to find a reliable dental prosthetic, our dentures and partials services can restore form and function to your bite. For a permanent way to replace multiple teeth, Dr. Lamond can place a customized fixed bridge.

It’s possible for us to completely recreate a missing tooth by using dental implants. These artificial tooth roots anchor a dental crown to restore your absent tooth’s form and function. Dr. Lamond can carefully evaluate your oral health to learn if you qualify for dental implants, and then plan the procedure with you after you’ve qualified. You’ll be an active participant and equal partner throughout the dental implants process, by working with Dr. Lamond at Dental Solutions of East Texas to communicate your needs and preferences. Please contact us today to find out which of our restorative services would best fit your needs.

Transforming your teeth is easy with our Jacksonville, Texas cosmetic dentistry services. If you’d like to make your smile shine, our teeth whitening services include a choice between at-home whitening or our in-office Zoom! Whitening. Porcelain veneers from Dental Solutions of East Texas can also improve the appearance of your teeth. By placing thin, tooth-shaped ceramic shells over your enamel, Dr. Lamond can conceal chipped or damaged teeth with seemingly-natural pearly whites.

Dental Solutions of East Texas can perform root canal therapy as a part of our emergency dentistry services. This involves going deep into the enamel of the affected tooth to remove harmful bacteria, and then sealing the area with a natural-looking crown. Patients who have persistent tooth pain should call us immediately.

Does the dentist’s office make you nervous? We understand that many people are afraid of the dentist, generally caused by a negative experience in their past. Dental Solutions of East Texas is here to assure you that we understand, and can help you overcome this anxiety.

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for any of our dental services. If this will be your initial visit to Dental Solutions of East Texas, we ask that you please take a moment to take a look at our new patients page, which has helpful information for those unfamiliar with our practice. We look forward to meeting you, and collaborating with you to keep your smile healthy!

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