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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our practice is conveniently located in Jacksonville, Texas at 1501 East Rusk Street. We see patients from all across East Texas. Please contact Dental Solutions of East Texas to learn more and to schedule your appointment.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Dental Solutions of East Texas accepts cash, checks, and credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Dr. Lamond also works with Wells Fargo Health Advantage, a third-party financing company, to help every patient receive the dental care they need.

Do you see children?

Yes! Your family is important to us, so we only offer the best care for their needs at Dental Solutions of East Texas.

How many dentists do I need to see in order to get dental implants?

Only one! Dr. Lamond is qualified to provide each step of implant dentistry. You shouldn’t have to visit more than one dentist to receive your dental implants. The team of Dental Solutions of East Texas is happy to assist you during each moment of planning and performing your dental implant placement and restoration, resulting in a newly recompleted smile that exceeds expectations.

What is BioClear?

BioClear is a minimally invasive restorative solution for finally saying goodbye to diastemas (otherwise known as those pesky gaps and black triangles of empty space between teeth) and achieving a smile you can feel much more confident about. The process involves applying very strong and natural-looking composite resin to the affected surfaces – better yet, it only requires one appointment of your own time!

I want a straighter smile, but I don’t want to wear metal braces. Is there another option?

Absolutely. Dr. Lamond offers ClearCorrect™ Clear Aligners, which uses a series of subtle oral trays to gradually reposition teeth instead of the traditional “bracket-and-wire” model. In addition to being much less noticeable, these aligners are also 100% removable (no changes to your diet required) and very comfortable. Plus, achieving straighter teeth can result in better oral hygiene practices and a healthier, stronger bite as well!

Is Silver-Diamine Fluoride safe?

Silver-Diamine Fluoride (also known as SDF) has been used for decades around the globe and carefully studied as well, with no adverse reactions found. In fact, the only real concern is aesthetic in nature; the treatment does turn decayed areas black and can cause some mild temporary staining to gum tissue and skin. However, Silver-Diamine Fluoride is typically reserved for younger smiles who cannot receive proper restorative care just yet, and parents consider these minor issues worth it to protect their son or daughter’s baby teeth.