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Restore Your Youthful Smile

Tooth movement, bone loss or even a receding gum line results in dark patches, “black triangles” or vertical gaps in your smile. For patients who feel less confident in a smile with shifted or gapped teeth, BioClear is a minimally invasive treatment that fills in dark or empty areas around the teeth to complement the beauty of your natural smile. Known as a cost-effective and minimally invasive approach to restorative dentistry, BioClear can be a desirable alternative to other forms of treatment such as dental crowns or veneers. To achieve the radiant smile you’ve been dreaming of give us a call at 903-586-8244 to schedule your consultation or visit our office at Dental Solutions of East Texas. 

Black Triangles Between Teeth

A gap or space between two teeth is also referred to as a diastema, which can appear as a dark black triangle of empty space that prematurely ages or distorts the smile. An estimated one third of adults will notice these dark spaces in their own smiles, which can trap food and plaque or appear unsightly. Originally developed in 2007 by dentist and inventor Dr. David Clark, the Bioclear Matrix System is quickly gaining recognition as a modern, non-invasive approach to cosmetic and restorative dental care. 

What Causes Gapped Teeth?

Spaces between teeth, also known as “gapped teeth” commonly appear between the upper front teeth. While some may find this trait to be unique, a gap that develops over time in the smile may feel unwanted or disruptive and take a toll on one’s self-esteem. Closing gaps between teeth starts with understanding why the spaces have formed. You may experience spaces between your teeth for a number of reasons: 

How Does BioClear Work?

BioClear utilizes a strong, tooth-colored composite resin to match the natural color of your tooth and support its strength and structure. In the more recent advancements of the technology the Bioclear 360° Veneer Matrix creates ultra-thin composite material and Cling-Fit technology to bond to the teeth and fill gaps, spaces and dark triangles. The entire process is relatively simple and provides effective restorative care. As a result patients experience many restorative and cosmetically esthetic benefits such as a smile that looks and feels complete. Give us a call at 903-586-8244 if you think BioClear can help you! 

Find Out More With Dr. Lamond!

At Dental Solutions of East Texas we believe each of our patients should be treated like family first. To give the best quality dental care each patient is kept in-the-know about their current dental health, treatment options, and learn what to expect before any treatment begins. If you are considering restorative dental care of have a question about your dental health, call our office at 903-586-8244 to get to know our staff and schedule your appointment! 

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