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What is Microscopic Dentistry?

If you are in need of a dental filling or root canal, microscopic dentistry is a revolutionary approach to raising the bar of your dental experience using a state-of-the-art microscope to enhance your treatment process and results. If it’s been longer than six months since your last dental cleaning or exam, or if you’ve noticed a change in your dental health, give us a call at 903-586-8244 to get to know our team or schedule your consultation!


Special Certification

Dr. Lamond is one of the select few general dentists in Texas offering microscopic dentistry in services such as general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. At Dental Solutions of East Texas, Dr. Lamond and his team stand by their work and are honored to treat patients with the level of care that friends and families deserve. As our community shares memories over the years we strive to continue advancing our services so that each of our patients can experience better dental care and comfort.

How Does It Work?

Microscopic dentistry utilizes special microscopes to provide detailed, close-up images of a patient’s mouth for use in general, cosmetic and restorative dental care. When implemented into a dental exam or treatment, these microscopes can examine the mouth, gums and teeth with magnification of up to 20 times that of the naked eye. This form of dentistry is exceptionally useful in detecting hairline fractures and other small dental imperfections that can grow over time if left untreated.


Microscopic Dentistry in Preventive Care

The value of high magnification in dentistry (such as in dental surgery, endodontic dentistry or in treating periodontal disease) has been well established for many years. By locating and treating even the smallest signs of tooth decay or dental injury, patient treatments become more efficient and patients experience reduced risks of developing larger or more expensive dental problems down the line. Even in general dental treatments the use of a surgical dental microscope can reveal valuable information used to improve preventive and conservative dental care methods.

Gentle Root Canals in Modern Dentistry

One of the most important aspects in treating an infected root canal is to eliminate any signs of remaining infection, bacteria or debri before filling the empty root canal with a strong and flexible material. Because of its heightened abilities in magnification, microscopic dentistry enhances a dentist’s ability to effectively clean the root canal and protect it from future decay or infection. As with any treatment, however, maintaining a good dental hygiene routine by brushing and flossing twice daily is still advised.


Making Your Appointment

If you have a dental question or are curious to learn more about how microscopic dentistry can help you improve your dental health or experience better quality dental care, give us a call! We look forward to helping each of our patients live better lives with dental care that is conservative and gentle, spotting small dental issues before they become large or expensive problems. To get to know our team, ask questions or schedule your appointment, call us today at 903-586-8244. We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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